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Sit less. Be Healthy. Do more.

At LifeDesk we believe in working healthier. With 20 years of experience, we’ve designed a sit to stand desk that marries ergonomic function with stunning aesthetics.

Work Healthy

ScientistsAre in agreement that sitting causes many negative health effects ranging from poor circulation to heart disease.

After 1 hour of sittingThe production of enzymes that burn fat declines by 90 percent

After 90 minutesThe blood flow to the legs stops, slowing both mental and bodily functions

After 2 work daysYou’ve done the same amount of damage as smoking one pack of cigarettes

Height-Adjustable Frames

Scientists recommend continual position changes to alleviate health risks. Our sit to stand desks easily get you from seated to standing and back without interruption.

  • Easily combine your current desk service with our legs
  • Iso certified mechanism effortlessly lifts and lowers desk
  • Stable rise action ensures a smooth transition
  • Sleek control pad with personalized quick buttons

Our Custom Handmade Tops

Our tops are made in Bow, New Hampshire to ensure the highest quality and allow for endless personalization.

  • Sleek design options with premium finishes
  • ¾ inch ideal sleek surface
  • Highly durable composite material, guaranteed not to bow
Built-in Grommets

Built in, easily accessible charging with wire hang options.

Memory Control Pad

Sleek control pad remembers your favorite positions.

Ergonomic Edging

Custom cuts in the tops makes work even more comfortable.

Highest Quality & Most Affordable

Build your LifeDesk in 4 easy steps

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Select a Design
Pick Your Frame Color
Get a Desk, Work Healthier