The SmartDesk for Your SmartOffice

SmartLegs — with built-in technology — is essential to the transformation of traditional offices to smart offices.

A transformational shift and the future of work

When the first smart TV was released, it was difficult for many to understand the benefits or need for such devices. Today, it’s hard to imagine life without them.

Just as people look to technology and smart devices to make life easier, businesses can do the same with digitally enhanced, connected workspaces.

Powered by technology and improved by data.

Desks with SmartLegs provide relevant in-office and remote employee data and insights for better scheduling and real estate decisions and employee health and well-being.

Providing actionable data to key departments

The height-adjustable smart desk and app provides data to help:

  • Boost employee well-being and productivity
  • Attract and retain employees
  • Improve use of office space and traffic flow 
  • Make better decisions about office real-estate 

Height-Adjustable Workstations (HAWS) in Smart Offices

Employee Wellness

Employee Safety

Desk Hotelling


Right-sized Real Estate

Workspace Occupancy

Utilization Visibility

Desk Analytics

Proven Results

fewer breaks per day due to discomfort

additional hours of productivity per year


of users have more energy at work


improvement in levels of engagement at work


of users have greater job satisfaction

(Data has been ratified by The Validation Institute. Results were compiled with StanData’s Connected Technology Platform supplied with and linked to SmartLegs by LifeDesk from Right Height Manufacturing via Bluetooth.)

The sit-stand solution that educates, reminds & reports

Every SmartLegs unit is equipped with built-in technology that allows your height-adjustable desk to be paired with cloud-based software that improves usage, delivers documented health benefits and provides valuable insights for office space management.


SmartLegs helps users learn how to set proper sitting and standing heights and when to transition between sitting and standing based on their personal profile.


SmartLegs reminds users when it is time to transition using desktop or mobile alerts based on their custom plan.


SmartLegs provides users with performance reports to encourage usage  while enterprise reporting delivers data important to decision makers.

Used By

Penn State, a LifeDesk customer

Make your desk a LifeDesk using SmartLegs

Easily transform your desk into a height-adjustable “smart” workstation

SmartLegs by LifeDesk easily transforms virtually any desk or office system into a height-adjustable workstation that improves health and productivity. Simply slide the SmartLegs under your existing work surface and pair the legs with the desktop or mobile app to begin discovering the health benefits of proper desk heights for both sitting and standing.

SmartLegs Products

SmartLegs 1-ER

Our SmartLegs 1-ER is a great solution for a small desk or raising a corner worksurface.

SmartLegs 2 and 2-ER

Our SmartLegs 2 and 2-ER accommodates over 80% of the population and is the perfect solution for a variety of desks and workstations.

SmartLegs 3 and 3-ER

With the SmartLegs 3 and 3-ER, you can raise and lower your L-shaped desk with a single push of a button or using the mobile app.

SmartLegs 4-ER

SmartLegs 4-ER has 3 segments with a height range of 22″ – 47″ with all 4 legs run off one handset.

Interested in making your existing height adjustable workstations “Smart” for your Smart Offices?

Purchase SmartLegs by LifeDesk and get a two-year subscription to the software that will change how you work and manage your resources.

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