Right Height Manufacturing,
makers of the LifeDesk

WHY we do what we do:

We at RightHeight believe in bringing affordable ergonomics to the desk-based worker. If “Sitting is the New Smoking,” because sitting all day has now been linked to all sorts of serious diseases like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, depression, and cancer, then that means our job is to make it affordable for employees to stand up at work, and remain productive at their desks, instead of missing work to attend doctor’s appointments.

HOW we do what we do:

  1. We work with organizations that are looking to get more of their staff into sit-stand workstations so that they can change their posture frequently and work while standing.
  2. Many of the companies we work with are really frustrated with the high cost of height-adjustable desks.
  3. Other customers we talk to are happy with their existing furniture dealers and their existing furniture layout, but don’t know how to add height-adjustability to the workstations they already own in a quick and inexpensive way.

WHAT we do:

We make the LifeDesk, an electric, height- and width-adjustable base that installs quickly and simply under any existing cubicle work surface and many private office desks. It costs hundreds of dollars less than other models, yet has a better warranty, lifts more weight, and is safer to use than the others. Do you have an employee who would like to work healthier and more productively?

Our Signature Product

The LifeDesk, with stable rise technology can be customized to fit you from the number of legs, to individual height settings to personalized size and style. Because your LifeDesk is all about your life.

We make work healthier by providing the equipment and know-how that makes you feel better at work. Adults spend one third of their time working and its our mission to optimize that time. When you feel better, you live longer and get more done.

At LifeDesk you can take back your work-life affordably. What are you waiting for?