Become a Dealer or Manufacturer’s Rep

Thank you for your interest in The LifeDesk product suite and in Right Height Manufacturing, where we strive to bring to market state of the ergonomic products in a fast and affordable way.

Why are we different?

Height adjustable desk frames have been around for a while. But our owners and managers come from years of office furniture dealer experience. We know the points of failure in the industry:

  • Long lead times (3 to 6 weeks)
  • Just in time manufacturing
  • High prices that put optimal worker health out of reach for many organization’s budgets

So we’ve built Right Height to improve on all of these industry failures.

We invest in inventory so that you can get your clients working healthier in height-adjustable sit-stand desks within a week. We surprise and delight new customers every day because of this.

We’re typically as much as 40 to 50% less expensive than the big name brands who have been around for decades and think they have the market cornered. We just believe too much in getting more people sitting and standing in better postures. Optimal worker health should be affordable for the masses. We’re making it so.

If you’re still interested in improving worker health in your community and winning more customers because you can deliver the LifeDesk faster and less expensively than your competition can deliver their ergonomic products, then fill out this dealer inquiry form.