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How Mental Health And Hip Flexor Pain Are Related

How Mental Health And Hip Flexor Pain Are Related

It may be hard to believe, but mental and physical health are one in the same. Statistically, one in three people with a health condition that physically alters their life will also have some type of mental health effects in the form of depression or anxiety1. It is...

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4 Ways to make your Home Office Workstation more Functional

by | May 17, 2015 | Tips and Hints

With the growing popularity of working part-time or full time from home, many Americans are in need of a functional home office workstation. From finding the location, to making enough room in the area to deciding on a sit to stand workstation or not, there is a lot to do when it comes to setting up a functional home office workstation. Below is our list of ways to help make your workstation more functional and ergonomic:

1. Free Up Your Work Space

Freeing up your workstation can be a daunting task. Many home offices become usurped by bills, miscellaneous papers, recites, magazines and the such until there isn’t even any space to work. Before you can begin ?to optimize your work space, you must first rid your space of all of these distractions. We recommenced getting a filling cabinet or a multilevel organizer where documents and papers can be divided easily into an “inbox” section, a “reference” section, a “bills” section and so on ?and place it in the corner of your desk. Now with some area to work with, you can start to consider your options of maximizing the workstation.

Most of us work on laptops, which we allow to take up a great deal of workstations. We can easily become more ergonomic, have a better view of our monitors, and save space by buying a document holder and a monitor arm. You simply have to attache the document holder to the monitor arm and the monitor arm to the desk and now you will have a great way to get your laptop up and off the desk. Once complete, any wireless keyboard and mouse will flesh out your set up. If you would would like a second monitor, we would recommend mounting it to an additional monitor arm, so that the only things left on your desk when you go to sit down and work is a the keyboard, the mouse and your multilevel organizer.

2. Placing your desk

The location of your workstation is critical to how productive you will be at it. At first, you may want to place your desk facing a window, but this may not always be the best decision. A desk facing a window will create a natural distraction problem as well as an even more detrimental glare issue. Similarly, placing your desk in front of your window can create a major glare problem on your screen while working. Surprisingly, the best option is to place your desk away from a window entirely or to use a dark curtain on the windows near your workstation and keep them drawn.

3. Lighting

Did you know that people in their 60s need 350% more than people in their 20s? This means that if you aren’t fresh out of college, lighting your home office workstation is going to be a major priority. Make sure to take into consideration the room’s main source of light. If possible, consider buying a full spectrum light bulb for your main light source because it will decrease eye strain and provide a more appealing light source than a standard fluorescent bulb.

We would also recommend an additional light source for times when you aren’t working on the computer. If possible, get a standing lamp so that you save the space on your desk, but if not, a standard desk lamp can work as long as it is placed to at the furthest corner of your workstation.


4. Sit to Stand Workstation

If you plan to work at your home office workstation for more than three hours a day you should strongly consider purchasing a sit to stand workstation base or full sit to stand station. A myriad of research has shown that sitting throughout the day is more detrimental than smoking. A sit to stand workstation is often the best way to curb this excessive standing because they allow you to quickly shift from sitting to standing to break apart sedentary time.

We say that you have the option to buy a base only or a full station, because you do not have to give up your current work station to gain an automated sit to stand solution. If you prefer, you can simply buy a sit to stand base, like ours here, and attach your current top to it to create your own sit to stand home office work station at a very low cost. If you prefer you can also buy a complete sit to stand workstation to bring a new look and feel to your home office.

Either way, you can’t go wrong taking a stand while you work.