If you have been considering building or buying a stand up desk to improve your health, you may want to consider the concerns associated with standing the entire day as reported by the Canadian Women’s Health Network.

While there is irrefutable evidence that it is beneficial to remain standing for extended periods of time, proper ergonomics dictates that you change your position throughout the day since static (remaining standing for example) or repetitive motion can cause musculoskeletal disorders or circulatory problems. Think about it logically; consider workers that HAVE to remain standing all day such as cashiers, toll booth collectors or production line workers. These employees suffer ailments such as leg, back and circulation issues.

The correct approach is to stand for as long as you can but to change to a seated position when you start to experience some fatigue. This can most effectively be accomplished by using an electric sit to stand desk which has become a much more viable alternative due to the recent decline in pricing. This is directly attributed to growing demand which has reduced manufacturing costs, and there is a wide variety of standard packages and custom solutions now available.

Historically, electric sit to stand desks were routinely purchased as a package which included the top (work surface) and an electric motor (the frame) which raised and lowered the work surface and was available in two or three different colors and sizes. Delivery times for these products would vary from 4 to 6 weeks. Today some of the available solutions include ?

* Two legged desks that can support up to 330 pounds of weight capacity.

* L shaped desks consisting of a desk and return that can raise as a single unit.

* Single legged versions that can function as a wall desk, equipped with wheels to make it mobile or fitted with an arc shaped base for tight spaces.

* Blended configurations for conference tables or group meetings.

These frames can be purchased ?

1. With a standard top as a package.

2. Only as a frame and affix it to an existing work surface to make it height adjustable. Just make sure you have enough space under the top to attach to the frame.

3. Purchase the frame only and then design a custom top limited only by your imagination to fit any tight spaces and in a wide variety of colors to match existing color schemes. Assembly of a sit to stand desk is a fairly easy process that can be accomplished in about 10 minutes. The statistics discussing the perils of sitting for extended periods are sobering. Investing in a height adjustable stand up desk can make a huge impact on productivity and most importantly on your health and well being.

About the author – Mike Kind has over 25 years of experience as a founder, entrepreneur, author and consultant to growing companies. He invested in Jaymil Ergo and Office Solutions in 2008 with the intention of raising the awareness and importance of proper ergonomics within the workplace to improve well being and productivity. He has written numerous articles on the topic with an emphasis on proper equipment selection and return on investment analysis.