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What Is a Hybrid Work Model?

What Is a Hybrid Work Model?

A hybrid work model combines at-home and in-office work and is used by businesses to help bring employees back to work during and after the pandemic. The system entails sending employees to the office at different times during the day and week while having them work...

3 Key Components for a Successful Hybrid Work Model

3 Key Components for a Successful Hybrid Work Model

The hybrid work model is a trending business idea established to minimize the number of bodies in the office at any given time. Because of COVID-19, businesses have to implement new protocols for the safety of their employees and others. Such protocols include wearing...

Will Remote Work Become the New Normal?

Will Remote Work Become the New Normal?

The Progression and History of Remote Work Remote work is no new invention. It has been around since the 1970s. Now considered the father of remote work, NASA consultant Jack Nilles first worked remotely on a communication system in 1973, almost 50 years ago. By 1987,...

Hybrid product developed for UMASS Memorial Medical Center

by | Apr 1, 2020 | News

Companies have needed to get innovative at this time of crisis to solve health care issues such as personal protection equipment (PPE) shortages, equipment availability and facility capacity. And Right Hight, manufacturer of SmartLegs by LifeDesk, is proud to be one of those companies.

In efforts to step up COVID-19 testing and screening, medical centers and healthcare providers are creating makeshift or temporary screening sites wherever they can. In preparation for the inevitable spread, UMass Memorial Medical Center set up a drive-through screening site at the University Campus to screen patients while limiting patient exposure to others, keeping patients in their vehicles while providers administer and process tests.

However, UMASS needed workstations that allow tests to be easily administered while maintaining a safe distance and kept providers comfortable and healthy while working long hours.

On Friday, March 20, at 12:30 Creative Office Pavillion, a Right Height dealer located in Massachusetts, called Right Height and asked if they could deliver a workstation by Monday morning, March 23 at these outdoor drive-through screening stations. Right Height, the maker of LifeDesk and StableRise, answered that call.

To meet the deadline, the Right Height team stopped all other production and business tasks. They brainstormed and imagined a hybrid product that combines height-adjustability and stability of the two-leg SmartLegs from Life Desk with the 16″x26″ Antimicrobial seamless tabletop worksurfaces and the casters of the mobile cart from StableRise, allowing screening staff to move from vehicle to vehicle and adjust the desk to each driver’s window regardless of vehicle height and maintain proper ergonomic position.

And then, within the Right Height offices, staffers came together and created an assembly line to create the new product in-house rather than shipping the parts to their installation company to build. Thus, what would normally take weeks to deliver took company staffers just three days.

And to further help in this time of need, RightHeight rented a truck (at no cost to UMASS), loaded it and delivered the products before the deadline.

The UMass Space Planner said, “I can’t wait to repurpose these into sit-stand workstations and nursing stations for my ‘real’ job after all of this!”

When all of this is over, no products will be locked away and unused. These units will have a permanent home and UMAS will enjoy the benefits of sitting and standing for better productivity and health at their workstations for the long-term. We are proud of our team. They were able to quickly identify a solution for a specific need, build the products within 6 business hours and drive them to the customer’s site to meet their deadline.