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How Mental Health And Hip Flexor Pain Are Related

How Mental Health And Hip Flexor Pain Are Related

It may be hard to believe, but mental and physical health are one in the same. Statistically, one in three people with a health condition that physically alters their life will also have some type of mental health effects in the form of depression or anxiety1. It is...

Is My Home Office Hurting Me? Tips for Improving Your Ergonomic Home Office

by | Sep 23, 2020 | Work from Home

Most working Americans spend a majority of their waking hours sitting at their desk. A typical work week for many people looks like sitting in an office for eight hours a day, five days a week. Spending this much time sitting can cause pain and even chronic health issues, especially if your desk isn’t set up to fit you. In a typical office, there’s usually a standard setup that works well enough for everyone. Some offices even have ergonomic tools that you can use to adjust your work area to fit you appropriately.

However, most people don’t have the same tools at home as they do in the office. Some don’t even have a desk. Many are using kitchen tables, beds, even ironing boards. Even if you have a desk at home, chances are it’s not your dream office space. And many people struggle with organization, focus, and productivity if their office space isn’t ideal. Having an improper office space can take a significant toll on the amount of work you can complete and how satisfied you are doing it.

A typical full-time job takes up about 40 hours of your week on average. Because you’re spending that much time in the office or, in this case, in your home office, it must fit you and your job appropriately. An ergonomic solution is especially important if you’re working from home permanently or for the foreseeable future.


Taking time to stand while working increases blood flow and stretches your body in crucial ways to ensure your brain is working at it’s best. Being able to adjust your desk or monitor’s height will also improve your posture, which is another critical element to decreasing chronic pain and discomfort.

Having an office space suitable for you and your needs is not something to take for granted. When your home office is a clean space, free of distraction, and is adjusted to your specifications, you will notice an enormous difference in comfort, productivity, focus, and job satisfaction.