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How Mental Health And Hip Flexor Pain Are Related

How Mental Health And Hip Flexor Pain Are Related

It may be hard to believe, but mental and physical health are one in the same. Statistically, one in three people with a health condition that physically alters their life will also have some type of mental health effects in the form of depression or anxiety1. It is...

Keyboard Trays In Your Way?

by | Apr 6, 2016 | Tips and Hints

LifeDesk Short Brackets may be the answer.

The Problem: Height-adjustable desk bases often have crossbars that can block you from installing keyboard trays under your worksurfaces.

The Answer: That’s why at RightHeight our product designers in Manchester, New Hampshire dreamed up and built LifeDesk Short Brackets.

Our proprietary Short Brackets give you the strength and stability you’ve come to expect from your LifeDesk, while clearing the path for a keyboard tray mechanism. Watch the brief “Short Bracket Assembly” Video to see what they look like and how they install them.

LifeDesk Short Brackets. For Keyboard Trays and More…

  1. Use Short Brackets when you have a two-leg LifeDesk (Model #: LD2) that is 54″ wide or narrower. In this scenario, the Short Brackets will create enough center space under the surface of these narrow desks that will enable keyboard tray tracks to fit. If the worksurface is wider than 54″, you do not need Short Brackets to fit a keyboard tray track. The installer simply removes the telescoping bars to create a lane for the keyboard tray track mechanism.
  2. You may also need Short Brackets when you are not installing a keyboard track. ?If you prefer to use an LD2 under a worksurface that is narrower than 42″, install the Short Brackets in place of the standard telescoping crossbar, which measures 42″ wide at it’s narrowest.
  3. The same idea applies for a pencil drawer too. The pencil drawer tracks needs space under a worksurface, and a standard crossbar will block those tracks. Open up that space with LifeDesk Short Brackets. Pencil Drawers are wider than keyboard tray tracks, often twice as wide, so be sure to know how much space you need to create. You may need LifeDesk Short Brackets even if your worksurface is as much as 66″ wide.