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How Mental Health And Hip Flexor Pain Are Related

How Mental Health And Hip Flexor Pain Are Related

It may be hard to believe, but mental and physical health are one in the same. Statistically, one in three people with a health condition that physically alters their life will also have some type of mental health effects in the form of depression or anxiety1. It is...

Long Road Trip for 2 LifeDesks? Ok!

by | Apr 8, 2016 | Advice

Dealers! We know that sometimes getting your manufacturers to support you and fix challenges you may have after you’ve installed their furniture can feel like pulling teeth. We know. We’ve been there. The principals and management team at Right Height Manufacturing have a combined total of over 60 years in furniture DEALER sales, management, and customer service. All before we started Right Height Manufacturing.

Our team started in dealerships. We have the bumps and bruises to prove it. But I’d like to share a story with you that shows that, in addition to bumps and bruises, we’ve also acquired the wisdom, empathy, and sense of urgency you need from a manufacturer that you, our dealers, have come to rely on to help you delight your clients.

I was out of town at the time the following story happened, so our Founder, Mike Kind, jumped in to help.

A 15-Hour Road Trip for 2 Desks. That’s Who We Are at Right Height Manufacturing.

Joey Bell, Sales Representative for SupplySource of Pennsylvania, and Larry Basile, the Vice President of Sales for SupplySource tell the story best.

From Joey:

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet the owner of Right Height Manufacturing, Mike Kind. I wanted to share the story with you.LD1 LifeDesk

I am sure you have all had a small project at one time or another that things just didn’t quite go as planned. Not too long ago we ordered two LD1 (single-leg) LifeDesks for Penn State University. The end users received our LifeDesk promotional e-mails and reached out to learn more about height adjustable solutions for their office.

When we installed the LifeDesks the customer was expecting the memory preset key pads. They received the simple up / down key pad. This was my fault and important to share with you. If you sell an LD1 unit in black finish it will come with the up / down key pad. If you are looking for the memory preset capability you need to specify silver finish. Right Height sent us replacement key pads with memory preset at no charge. They didn’t work right either. I know what you are thinking….arrggh this is never going to be completed. How are we going to close this out? That is what I was thinking to….

I was wrong!

When Mike learned of what we were experiencing he called me directly. He was so concerned about SupplySource and our customer he insisted on making the 7.5 hour drive from New Hampshire to Penn State to evaluate the situation for himself. Trust me, I tried to talk him out of it as the round trip would take him 15 hours, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. Mike made his trip here on Wednesday evening to meet with me first thing Thursday morning. Together we visited the customer. He hooked his computer up to the key pads and ran some diagnostics. Within a few minutes both LifeDesks working smoothly. The ladies in the office were very happy and even mentioned how much better they are feeling with no back or neck pain. The really enjoy having the LifeDesks.

I cannot thank Mike enough for his dedication & commitment to SupplySource, our customers, & his company.

Thank you Mike!

Joey Bell, Sales Representative

From Larry:

SupplySource Team:

I want to share with you the above email between Joey Bell and Right Height. Please read Joeys email. Sales is not a perfect world, and sometimes things can happen unexpectedly and those things can cause havoc if not treated properly and give false perceptions about companies and their products.

In this case Right Height not only said they would do something, but followed through with action. Mind you Joey did not sell 100 units, which would make all of us think, ?well any manufacturer would show up for Penn State University and 100 units.?

Mike drove from NH for 2 units, yes that is not a typo, 2 units.

Right Height is exactly the type of company we want to do business with, not only because they have a great product at a great price, but also because people like Brian and Mike are willing to stand behind what they do with confidence.

Larry Basile, Vice President Of Sales
Thank you Joey & Larry for taking the time and the initiative to write those endorsements.

We are in this together. We’ve set up our business to not just satisfy dealers and their clients, but in fact delight them with high-quality, low-cost, in-stock LifeDesks.


But not everything we do is revolutionary.


When there’s a hiccup and our dealers need us, we back up our game-changing business model with good old-fashioned dedication to our partners and customers.


We’re proud to be working with you (and we’re having a blast while we’re doing it!)

Brian Carmody
Right Height Manufacturing