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How Mental Health And Hip Flexor Pain Are Related

How Mental Health And Hip Flexor Pain Are Related

It may be hard to believe, but mental and physical health are one in the same. Statistically, one in three people with a health condition that physically alters their life will also have some type of mental health effects in the form of depression or anxiety1. It is...

Right Height Manufacturing Launches New Solutions to Help Workers Return Safely to the Office

by | Aug 17, 2020 | Press Releases

Unique desktop surface inhibits viral growth while app controls touchless sit/stand desks in open office and shared workspace environments.


Right Height Manufacturing, makers of the LifeDesk SmartLegs, which convert virtually any work surface into a sit-stand desk, today announced two solutions to help employers address the fears and risk with employees returning to the office.

Employers are currently scrambling to find ways to reduce the risk of disease spreading between their employees at the office. Right Height has taken its antimicrobial know-how from its StableRise medical workstation to bring antimicrobial desktops treated with silver ions to inhibit viral growth in office workstations. The specially formulated anti-bacterial treatment continues to inhibit microbes regardless of surface wear. These desktops retain their color, are fully reclaimable, durable against scratches, and can be painted in many colors for office space redesigns for “Return to Office” (RTO) plans.

The second solution to further complement the RTO safety plans that Right Height brings to the market is its hands-free height-adjustable desk controls. Now, users of their SmartLegs sit-stand accessories will be able to raise and lower their desk without ever having to touch the desk’s handset, which could be exposed to microbes from other people in the office.

According to Brian Carmody, President of Right Height Manufacturing: “We have doubled-down on the investment in our LifeDesk app to address this immediate need. Every LifeDesk user can make their sit-stand workstation smart by controlling the desk from their personal smartphone or their laptop. As a result of these two innovations, Right Height has reduced the number of exposed surfaces that people will need to touch in their workstation. This solution also provides a safety net for those times when it is inescapable for the employee to touch their work surface.”

Compatible with LifeDesk SmartLegs, the LifeDesk app is designed to encourage workers to properly use their sit-stand desks for health and productivity benefits. Designed by Right Height jointly with StanData, Inc., the app recommends personalized settings based on the user’s height and sends reminders on proper sit-stand transitions.

“Right Height has always pushed us to innovate and we believe this is going to be game-changer for many organizations,” says Michael Kind, CEO of StanData. “They saw the market demanding touchless sit-stand desk control, particularly in shared workstation environments, and they put us to work on a solution. As more employees begin to share desks, they need to work at their correct height safely. Our technology allows an employee to create custom preset preferences with any workstation, as opposed to saving settings on a specific workstation. Employees can access this information via their mobile device, desk or mobile workstation through a chrome-based application. This ensures the employee is always working at their correct preset heights while sitting or standing to maximize comfort and productivity. If an organization already has sit-stand workstations and is interested in the technology they can contact us as the software is compatible with a myriad of manufacturers,” Kind continued.

Studies have shown that the majority of sit-stand desk users don’t understand how to use their height-adjustable desks, including how often they should transition from sitting to standing throughout the day. Right Height developed the LifeDesk app to provide an easy way for users to make the proper sit-stand transitions, resulting in measurable results that deliver a positive return on investment on their sit-stand desks.

“When used properly, sit-stand desks improve workers’ health, increase productivity, and are proven to elevate workplace engagement, which can have a positive impact on the company’s bottom line,” said Carmody. “And now as we’ve learned that half of American office workers are afraid to return to their workplace, our hands-free controls and our new antimicrobial work surfaces should help companies ease the concerns of their most valuable assets, their people,” he added.

About Right Height Manufacturing: Right Height Manufacturing’s ergonomic accessories empower enterprises to create a company culture in which workers perform at their highest levels, contributing to the company’s overall success. LifeDesk SmartLegs, which convert virtually any desk into a height-adjustable sit-stand workstation, are the choice of leading enterprises, healthcare organizations and universities nationwide. Right Height Manufacturing is a customer-driven company that exists to make the workplace a healthier place. The company is located in Manchester, New Hampshire. For more information, visit:

About StanData: StanData is a research-driven team of professionals from the wellness, ergonomics, and technology sectors driven to improve health and productivity with a measurable ROI for office-based employees. Their innovative, leading edge technology delivers measurable quantitative and qualitative data metrics and safety. It’s simple user interface, and free and freemium price models, are revolutionizing office space in both pre- and post-Covid environments. The company is located in Boca Raton, Florida. For more information, visit:

Originally published on PRWeb