James K.

My new sit-stand desk has been a great experience. It’s solidly built and feels very stable even at the leg’s full height extension. The leg action is smooth enough to adjust the height without fear of your beverage spilling. I’d recommend LifeDesk...

Tony A.

I got the compact sit-stand workstation, and it has done wonders for me. I’m so impressed I want to share LifeDesk with all my friends/colleagues. I love this product so much.

Raja R.

I have their smaller standing desk and delighted so far. It is light enough and has a wheel base that can be used to pivot the table based on time-of-the-day. The top is bamboo and feels great. The edge closer to you is tapered so the hands feel good while typing. The...

Jamie C.

I was looking for a standing desk with a small footprint, that would be easy to move, and had an extensive height range — the Small Footprint Sit-Stand mobile workstation was perfect.

Jalen K.

The desk is AMAZING and was super simple to put together! My dad is using it as well & he has nothing but great things to say about it.