Automotive Engineering Firm

Relies on LifeDesk SmartLegs For One-Size-Fits-All Height-Adjustable Desk Solution

Challenge: Standardize on Height-Adjustable Desk Solution that Fits All Desks and All Workers, With Fast Delivery and Low Price

The robotics engineers and computer scientists at a leading automotive engineering company have been tasked with developing self-driving cars. Spending long eight- to twelve-hour days sitting at their desks, they were experiencing health issues including back and neck pain and, for some, even more serious musculoskeletal issues. To create a more comfortable and healthier work environment, management decided to implement ergonomic height-adjustable desks. However, they wanted to convert their existing desks to sit-stand desks rather than replacing them.

The facilities manager was challenged with quickly finding a vendor that could deliver electronic desk legs that would convert all of the desks to height-adjustable sit-stand desks. The solution needed to accommodate workers? heights from 4’10” to well over six feet. They wanted a single vendor solution that delivered one-size-fits-all desk legs that are flexible, sturdy and reliable.

Since some workers were already suffering from sitting-related health issues, they also wanted fast delivery, within two weeks. Because they are a start-up, they also wanted an affordable price. It was a race against time to find the right solution before their workers incurred serious health problems.


Solution: One-Size-Fits-All Sturdy and Affordable LifeDesk Legs with Speedy Delivery and Installation

Working with an Authorized LifeDesk Dealer in Pennsylvania, management considered several height-adjustable desk solutions from different vendors, and they standardized on LifeDesk SmartLegs? for four key reasons:

  1. LifeDesk SmartLegs fit all of their desks and cubicle configurations, ranging from one, two and three sturdy telescoping legs, which meant they could replace their desk legs while keeping their existing desk tops;
  2. LifeDesk SmartLegs have four programmable memory settings, making it easy for users to use their proper ergonomic seated and standing desk heights;
  3. LifeDesk’s SmartLegs meet the latest ergonomic recommendations, while providing an attractive look that complements their existing desks and décor;
  4. LifeDesk was the only company that could complete the installation within two weeks, and it also had the most affordable solution;


Results: Improved Wellness for Happier, Healthier Engineers

The company standardized on LifeDesk SmartLegs for all of its workers. It has installed LifeDesk SmartLegs on more than 400 desks and plans to add more for new hires.

Because LifeDesk Legs enable users to program four settings, they can easily take advantage of the transitions between sitting and standing.

LifeDesk SmartLegs’ design provides a stable work surface with less wobble in the standing position than most competitors’ products. They can also hold up to 350 pounds.

The LifeDesk Legs-enabled height-adjustable desks have proven invaluable in enhancing workplace wellness, comfort and productivity for the workers, making it a happier, healthier place to work.

“I love my LifeDesk Legs. They let me easily adjust my desk for the correct sitting and standing heights for me, making me more comfortable at work.”