Leading Computer Engineering Company

Relies on LifeDesk SmartLegs For One-Size-Fits-All Height-Adjustable Desk Solution

Challenge: Solve Medical Accommodation Needs with Sit-Stand Desks

The staff at this leading computer engineering company spends long days at their computer workstations, creating and engineering robots that are used in distribution warehouses. Not surprisingly, long hours in front of the computer led to musculoskeletal discomfort for some employees. The company needed an ergonomically correct height-adjustable desk solution to provide proper positioning for their workers in both seated and standing positions.

The company wanted to keep its existing desks and simply replace the legs to create height-adjustable desks. So, the solution needed to be compatible with a wide variety of existing desk types and cubical configurations including desk tops made from doors. The prior vendor was unable to provide standardized configurations for desk conversions which led to a cumbersome end-user experience. They also wanted fast delivery and installation. The prior vendor had lead times as long as eight weeks.


Solution: LifeDesk SmartLegs Fit Virtually Every Desk and Every Person

The company turned to LifeDesk for a height-adjustable sit-stand solution to retrofit existing desks for workers who were experiencing musculoskeletal discomfort issues due to long hours of sitting. LifeDesk SmartLegs were chosen because of their ability to turn virtually any desk configuration into a height-adjustable sit-to-stand desk with one, two or three-leg combinations.

Working with the company’s Health & Safety Department, the local LifeDesk dealer provided guidance on the ergonomic implementation of the desks. LifeDesk SmartLeg’s extensive height range easily accommodates workers from 4’10” to 6’7″ in both sitting and standing positions. Its electronic operation makes it easy for users to raise and lower their desks to their own unique settings at the touch of a button. To seal the deal, LifeDesk SmartLegs are always in stock and can be delivered and installed in about a week.


Results: Improved Wellness and Productivity for the Workers

The staff has benefitted greatly from having their desks converted to height-adjustable sit-to-stand desks using LifeDesk SmartLegs. They report a reduction in their discomfort and improvement in comfort while sitting and standing at their desks.

LifeDesk SmartLegs are flexible in their configurability so that virtually any work surface can be converted to a sit-stand desk. LifeDesk Legs work with all types of desks, worktops and cubicles, including this company’s large 30″ x 54″ door desks, their new worktop standard.

The employees are looking forward to the new LifeDesk App so they can track usage and quantify their transitions. In this competitive workplace, gamification provided by the app will facilitate friendly competition and healthy behaviors.

As homage to the company’s humble beginnings, the new office furniture standard has become a door desk. With a simple retrofit, the LifeDesk base easily adapts to provide accommodation when necessary.

“Adding LifeDesk SmartLegs to make my desk height adjustable is one of the greatest benefits I’ve received since I joined the company.”

Senior Engineer