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Product Specifications

Download Specifications

SmartLegs 1-ER
(Formerly LD-1)

Download Specifications

SmartLegs 2
(Formerly SmartLegs 2-80)

Download Specifications

SmartLegs 2-ER
(Formerly SmartLegs 2-98)

Download Specifications

SmartLegs 3
(Formerly SmartLegs 3-80)

Download Specifications

SmartLegs 3-ER
(Formerly SmartLegs 3-98)

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Assembly Videos

SmartLegs 1 Assembly

SmartLegs 2 Assembly

How-To Videos

Setting min/max limits

Setting starting height

Locking the handset

Resetting error codes

Setting memory presets

Using the connected app

LifeDesk product symbols are available in 2020 Office for use in your floorplans and interior designs.

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