From Pain to Productivity:

Fixing America’s Workspaces One Desk at a Time

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From Pain to Productivity: Fixing America’s Workspaces One Desk at a Time provides insights into the ergonomic process the author has used to help businesses improve the health and productivity of their employees.

Through real-world case studies, the author illustrates how simple ergonomic solutions can be used to:

  • reduce absenteeism
  • minimize the risk of injury
  • improve employee morale
  • enhance productivity.

This book explains and makes attainable the difference between a healthy and productive work environment instead of the painful, sedentary life most of us experience. I know firsthand the power of David’s knowledge. Stop thinking a few hours of yoga each week will fix 45 hours of poor work habits. Let David and his book be your guru. You’re going to be enlightened and energized. You will definitely feel the difference.

Camille Ford, TV Host & Fitness Professional

About the Author:

David Bernardi obtained his BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Connecticut and his MS in Bioengineering from the University of Utah. After the sale of his medical product start-up company, David started working in the area of ergonomics, recommending and implementing ergonomic workplace solutions for companies nationwide. Based on his successful track working with insurance companies and at risk employees, he became a sought-after resource among insurers such as Aetna, The Hartford and MSIG who have a vested interest in keeping their clients employees working comfortably, productively and successfully.