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LifeDesk® has partnered with StanData™ Technology to create SmartLegs™, an IoT device designed to maximize the usefulness of your sit-stand desk. With proper knowledge, gentle nudging, goals & gamification your new workstation has the power to be a “wellness while you work” station.

Whether you have a PC, laptop or tablet running Chrome, or an Apple or Android phone, you can connect directly to your LifeDesk SmartLegs with a factory-available, free USB cable or Bluetooth transmitter.

StanData screens
App- Desks

Recommended desk positioning based on your height

App- Desks

Transition plans and reminders to help you learn when to transition

App- Desks

Reports and usage statistics to encourage and improve usage

App- Desks

Memory presets and desk control at your finger tips

Learn more about the health benefits of frequent transitioning.

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Users of stand-capable desks were 45% more productive on a daily basis compared to their seated counterparts.

Source : Texas A&M, Health Services School of Public Health