Hoteling, Hot-Desking and Contact Tracing

Organizations consistently strive to maximize their return on investment and enhance productivity. Our enterprise software was designed with that in mind.

Manage activity across the entire organization, by department or by workstation including desk usage, reservations, and assignments.

StanData Workstation Map and List

Real-time Visibility and Occupancy Data

Employees can view the real-time list or image of available desks upon arrival for desk hoteling environments and book via their computer or mobile app.

Employees can make one day or multi-day reservations by selecting from available workstations within the area they plan on working.

Occupancy data is updated when the employee arrives at their workstation, registers and begins work in hot-desking environments.

Desk reservations
StanData Sensor

Contact Tracing and Safe Return to Office

Select the workstations and date range to see occupancy and contact data

View desk usage and ensure proper distancing with visual representations of your workstations and desks

Alert employees of potential exposure

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StanData Sensor

Rapid Deployment and Easy Setup

Contact us to order your Bluetooth or USB Hardwire Connection and plug into the control box as shown in the image.

Log into your administration screen and enter each of your company’s physical locations.

Then register each workstation in 3 easy steps

  • Connect the sensor to the cloud software.
  • Enter the Desk Name/number and department.
  • Select a company location.

Get the software free with your SmartLegs purchase

LifeDesk will pay for a 1, 2, 3 or 4-year subscription for StanData’s ENTERPRISE Employee Wellness Software with hoteling, hot-desking, and contact tracing capabilities based on the number of units purchased.

100-250 SmartLegs units – Get a 1 year free subscription

up to a $12,500 value

251-500 – Get a 2 year free subscription

up to a $50,000 value

501-1000 – Get a 3 year free subscription

up to a $150,000 value

1000+ units – Get a 4 year free subscription

OVER $200,000 value