Risk Assessment

1) Do you employ office workers or seated assembly workers ?  These types of employees are typically classified as sedentary due to the amount of sitting they while performing their job. Sedentary behavior has been associated with the development of several chronic diseases.

2) Do you have an aging workforce ? Older workers are more susceptible to developing musculoskeletal disorders due to deconditioning and loss of tissue elasticity as they age.

3) Have any of your employees had an incidence of Low Back Pain ? About 67% of the workforce reports some form of musculoskeletal discomfort in the workplace, with LBP being most common. 8% of the workforce will actually go on Short Term Disability costing an average of $7000 and 36 days.

4) Do you find yourself competing for intellectual and/or younger talent ?  Sit-Stand desks are a benefit that most younger staff and higher-wage workers are used to having at previous jobs.

5) Do you feel that your staff is disengaged ?  According to Gallup, 72% of the workforce is disengaged. Many have the perception their employer doesn’t care about their health or long term success.

6) Does your team suffer from low morale in the workplace ?  Sit-stand desks can energize a workforce.

7) Is your company self-insured ? The cost of one claim can often pay for Sit-Stand desks for an entire division, especially when you factor both direct and indirect costs. Average costs of a Low back surgery may be upwards of $80,000. Even more for a mission-critical employee

8) Does your company have a higher rate of absenteeism than normal ?  According to SHRM, the average rate of absenteeism is 4.5 days per year. Most cited reasons are physical and mental health. Simply standing and moving in the workplace has been shown to physiologically reduce cortisol  (aka the stress hormone) levels in the blood,.

9) Does your team suffer from productivity decreases after lunch ?  Post lunch blood glucose levels can be reduced by 50% simply by standing at least 15 minutes after lunch. By reducing glucose, the body is less susceptible to the sugar blues associated with sluggishness and fatigue.

10) Do you currently use Desk on Desk solutions such as Varidesk in your office ?  Did you know that these devices don’t encourage frequent transition (ie movement) and place employees at risk due to their heft and awkward sitting postures required for use. Ergonomically, they only fit about 5-10% of the population. Link to Gonzales Study

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