Rest Sticker Placement

LifeDesk Reset & Programming Procedure

If your desk is not functioning properly it may need to be reset. Unplug the power cord for 20 seconds. Plug the power cord back in and follow the reset procedures found below:

Full documentation of LifeDesk sit to stand desk reset and programming procedures

If you now get the Er1 or Er2 after a reset procedure then…

  1. Make note of the error message – Er1 or Er2.
  2. Switch the cables at the control box (only), do a reset, see if the error message changes.
  3. If the error message changes then it is either the cable or lifting column coming from the #1 port on the control box (or #2 port, depending on the current error message) – see the attached image of the control box with the port markings.
  4. Now if you switch the cables completely (move the left cable to the right side, move the right cable to the left side), do a reset, does the error message change?
  5. If yes, the cable is bad – replace the cable (see attached to determine port locations on the control box) 6) If not, the lifting column is bad – replace the lifting column (see attached to determine the port locations on the control box)

For more information regarding your LifeDesk sit to stand desk, download our desk frame manuals below:

Single-Legged Frames

Double-Legged Frames

Triple-Legged Frames