Corporate Bios


Brian Carmody, President & COO

Right Height Manufacturing
As president and COO of Right Height Manufacturing, parent company of the LifeDesk brand, Brian Carmody oversees the day-to-day operation of LifeDesk. He is devoted to customers and dealers who want to reap the benefits of ergonomically correct desks by using LifeDesk Legs to upgrade existing desks to height-adjustable desks. His 20 years in healthcare on the hospital side and in the U.S. Army Medical Service Corps has given him a strong background in health-related businesses.

Doug Benway, Executive Vice President

Right Height Manufacturing
As Executive Vice President Doug is tasked with developing the sales strategy for the LifeDesk and SmartLegs brand. Having recently joined the organization after 7 years with Luxo Lighting after their National Sales Manager, he realized his desire to return to the height adjustable side of ergonomics with the fast pace of innovations that are taking place. His 6 years of experience in this arena with both Workrite and Idea at Work as Western Regional Sales Manager and Director of Sales North America respectively will prove invaluable to both the LifeDesk and their clients.

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