Press Releases

Sit-Stand Desk Pilot Program Launched in Response to $300+ Billion in Annual U.S. Losses Due to Lack of Employee Engagement

Program enables organizations to test and confirm benefits of sit-stand desks

MANCHESTER, N.H., June 26, 2018 — The Sit-Stand Pilot Program was launched today in direct response to 2017 studies from Deloitte and Gallup that revealed annual losses in excess of $300+ billion due to lack of employee engagement among U.S. organizations. Created by LifeDesk®, the program delivers quantified data and a measurable ROI to organizations using their own people and results. It was developed in partnership with Summit Ergonomics, a leading office ergonomics consulting firm. read more….

New LifeDesk SmartLeg App Maximizes Health, Engagement and Productivity Benefits of Sit-Stand, Height-Adjustable Desks

LifeDesk®, makers of LifeDesk SmartLegs™, today announced its new LifeDesk SmartLeg App. Designed to encourage workers to properly use their sit-stand desks for health and productivity benefits, the app recommends personalized settings based on the user’s height and sends reminders on proper sit-stand transitions. Compatible with LifeDesk SmartLegs, the app is now available for iOS devices at the Apple® Store. The Android™ version is coming to Google® Play soon. Read More…

Test the benefits of sit-stand desks in your office with our new Sit-Stand Pilot Program.

Work Healthier. Live Better. With LifeDesk SmartLegs.