Adjustable Frames

The LifeDesk, with stable rise technology can be customized to fit you from the number of legs, to individual height settings, to personalized size and style. Because your LifeDesk is all about your life.

One-Leg Electric Base

One-Leg Electric Base, The LD1 AB+ (Black or Silver)
We’ve made it strong and stable enough to not only work perfectly under corner worksurfaces, but also as a lower-priced option for a 48” wide x 24” deep bridge or return worksurface.

Weight Capacity is 175 lbs.
Height Range is 22” to 51” with the included height extender bracket.


Two-Leg Electric Base

Two-Leg Electric Base, The LD2 AB+ (Black or Silver)
The LD2 AB + was inspired by a major insurance company that has chosen the LifeDesk as its corporate standard. They needed a desk that could go low enough to ergonomically accommodate their employees in the 4’10 height range when seated. They also needed the desk to rise to 51” for their employees in the 6’4” range. Others have told them it couldn’t be done. Our engineers made it happen! The LifeDesk AB Plus not only exceeds ANSI/BIFMA Standards for ergonomic height range, it now boasts the most extensive height range for any height-adjustable desk frame at 22” to 51” with the included height extender bracket.

And it’s still width-adjustable too, from 30” wide (with short brackets added) to 96” wide (when a support bar is added to keep your worksurface from bowing.

Weight Capacity, at 350 lbs., is the strongest on the market too.

Three-Leg Electic Base

Three-Leg Electric Base, The LD3 AB+ (Black or Silver)
Want to raise and lower your 6’x6’ or 8’x8’ workstation all at once with a single push of a button? The LD3 is your answer. Three legs can span two worksurfaces in an “L” shape, or a single long 120-degree worksurface.

Weight capacity is 525 lbs., and the legs are width adjustable during installation, just like the LD2.
Same superior height range as the others, 22” to 51”.

Memory Control Pad

Sleek control pad remembers your favorite positions.

  • Comes with 4 memory settings as a standard feature
  • Memory settings and digital read-out allow for workstation sharing and putting ergonomic consultations into effect
  • Electric Height-Adjustability from 22″ to 51″; convenient, safe, and simple for the user
  • Simple reset process

Photo Gallery

Download and share any of our photos. We have both bare frame photos so that you can see what the LifeDesk base looks like under a worksurface, as well as installation photos.

Tops and Laminate Options

LifeDesk was originally intended to be just the bare height and width adjustable frame, which would allow organizations to install it under their existing worksurface. That is still a large part of LifeDesk uses. But our customers wanted us to provide custom and standard worksurfaces for their “One Stop Shopping” convenience. Like most good ideas our customers have given us, we’ve adopted this one too.

We can match the standard laminates used by the name-brand, high-cost workstation manufacturers, and we can make custom sized and shaped wood veneer worksurfaces for you too.