Document and Laptop Holder

Stop craning to view your laptop or documents

The Laptop Holder by LifeDesk is the perfect solution for your workspace. The angled mounting plate allows for it to sit autonomously on your worksurface or be attached to one of our Monitor Arms.

The Laptop Holder elevates the laptop screen so you’re not working with your neck and head pointed down. The Laptop Holder features a pulldown document holder which will eliminate the need for turning or craning your neck to view documents while working.

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The ergonomic issue with laptops

Laptops, despite the ability to change the angle of the screen relative to the keyboard, has a very fixed design. If you adjust your desk to position the keyboard comfortably, you are forced to look down at the screen. If you raise your desk or laptop so that the screen is properly in your line of sight, the keyboard is raised to an uncomfortable and unrecommended position.

Your laptop screen should be positioned so you can view the screen easily without bending your neck or looking up/down. Your eyes should be in line with the top one-third of your laptop screen when looking ahead.

This requires the use of an external keyboard and mouse to allow your hands, wrists, arms and shoulders to be relaxed with elbows at a 90-degree angle and wrists neutrally positioned.


  • Total Size 12″W x 9″H x 4″D
  • Laptop Clearance 4″
  • Back Height 9″
  • Document Holder 5 .25″W x 9″H (Extended)
  • Composition Steel
  • Weight of Laptop Holder 4.9 pounds
  • Colors Silver or Black

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