Ergonomic Accessories

After the LifeDesks’s initial success, our customers have asked for more ergonomic accessories to complete their workstation. Now, in addition to our monitor arms we bring you an anti-fatigue standing mat, a combination laptop holder – document holder, a power outlet that mounts at the desktop, and a keyboard tray.

Anti-fatique Mat

Are you standing more at work? Help yourself build some endurance by standing on our anti-fatigue mat. But here’s the thing to keep in mind when shopping for a standing mat: There’s a bit of the Goldilocks dilemma when making your choice. Choose one that is too soft, and you can encourage alignment problems in your ankles, knees, hips, and back. Choose too firm, and there’s no difference than simply standing on the hard floor. Instead, Right Height’s LifeDesk mat is just right. Medium firmness to prevent skeletal alignment issues, but soft enough to make a difference and feel better.

Comes with a carrying handle, but also our unique vertical finger loop. The vertical finger loop allows you to move your mat away when it’s time for you to pull up a chair and sit down. We designed this loop vertically so that you won’t stand on it. Who wants to pick up their mat with your footprints, dirt, and bacteria all over it from the bottom of your shoes? Not us. You’ll appreciate the loop as much as we do.

One size fits all: 18” deep x 22” wide, made of polyurethane

Document/Laptop Holder

Traditional document holders force you to turn your neck to read from them. We said that’s not good enough. So we built a document holder that sits in the front of our laptop holder, thus allowing you to keep you neck and sightline comfortably facing forward and in the same direction as you computer screen.

The laptop holder does one of the most important ergonomic jobs for easing musculoskeletal pain. It elevates the laptop screen so that you’re not working with your neck and head pointed down. This is a big deal. The human head is heavy, weighing around 10 lbs. That’s a lot of strain on the neck muscles after a few minutes, and can be harmful after a few hours. So use a laptop holder to elevate your screen and connect your favorite keyboard to it to type at proper ergonomic height.

Power Accessories

To save you from crawling under your desk, we have the LifeDesk Power Outlet by Right Height. Here’s the configuration we keep in our inventory for you for immediate shipping, just like all of our products.


  • Black Or Silver
  • Rating: 125v 60hz 15a
  • 3 AC Outlets
  • 5v Dc 4.2 A USB Charger With 2 Charging Ports
  • 1000 Joules Surge Protection
  • 10′ SJT 14 AWGX3C Power Cord
  • Dimensions: 6.85″ X 2.24″ X 2.11″)
  • Finish: Satin Aluminum
  • Certification: UL Listed
Power Outlet
Power outlet spec drawing

Articulating Keyboard Mechanism

  • Soft touch wheel adjusts tilt with each turn (0° to -20°)
  • Counterbalance spring helps offset keyboard weight during height adjustments
  • 8″ total height adjustment range (3″ above; 5″ below the work surface)
  • No knob, lever, or ratchet handle required to set height; simply lift to desired position and release
  • 21″ track included
  • Rugged steel construction finished in a durable black textured powder coat (also available in white or silver)
  • Meets or Exceeds ANSI / BIFMA X5.5 2008 Industry Standard
  • All mounting hardware and instructions included
  • Made in the USA

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