SmartLegs 1-ER

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SmartLegs 1-ER is designed to fit under your existing worksurface to save you money and preserve the look and feel of your office design & decor.

We’ve made the SmartLegs 1-ER strong and stable enough to not only work perfectly under corner worksurfaces, but also as a lower-priced option for a 24″ wide x 42″ deep bridge or return worksurface.

Each LifeDesk also comes standard with a Bluetooth sensor and the SmartLegs companion app to help educate and facilitate proper usage to maximize the health benefits for you and your employees. Usage metrics can help organizations make deployment decisions and identify a tangible Return on Investment.

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Our SmartLegs 1-ER is a great solution for a small desk or raising a corner worksurface as big as 24″x42″x42″x24″

SmartLegs 1-ER has 3 segments with a Height Range of 22″ to 47″ or 25″ to 50″ with our optional and proprietary height-extender brackets

Accessories sold Separately: Laptop Holder, Casters, Mat

Download Specs PDF

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Tony A.

I got the compact sit-stand workstation, and it has done wonders for me. I’m so impressed I want to share LifeDesk with all my friends/colleagues. I love this product so much.

Bonnie C.

The Small Footprint Sit-Stand works perfectly. Thank you for the great product.

Emily N.

The Small Footprint Sit-Stand Mobile Workstation is a perfect fit in my newly established home office, and helps mimic my work office experience during this work from home period.

Jalen K.

The desk is AMAZING and was super simple to put together! My dad is using it as well & he has nothing but great things to say about it.

Raja R.

I have their smaller standing desk and delighted so far. It is light enough and has a wheel base that can be used to pivot the table based on time-of-the-day. The top is bamboo and feels great. The edge closer to you is tapered so the hands feel good while typing. The shape is great for corner placement and lends to better space utilization.

Jamie C.

I was looking for a standing desk with a small footprint, that would be easy to move, and had an extensive height range — the Small Footprint Sit-Stand mobile workstation was perfect.

Work-From-Home Solutions

Sit-stand desks aren’t just for work! With the lower-priced, one-leg option, you can have a sit-stand desk at home too.

Perfect for work-at-home and student environments, the SmartLegs 1-ER by LifeDesk:

  • Extends from 22″ to 50″ to accommodate workers from 4’10” to 6’7″ (with the included height extender bracket)
  • Works with desks 24″ x 42″
  • Lower-priced option for side desk returns
  • Fits perfect under corner worksurfaces
  • Weight capacity of 175 pounds

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Whether you have been part of the remote-office trend or suddenly find yourself working from home, we want to help create healthy workspaces no matter where you find yourself working from.