SmartLegs by LifeDesk

Educate. Remind. Report.

SmartLegs are an accessory designed to transform your desk into a height-adjustable workstation that improves health and productivity. Easily installed under any existing desk or workstation, SmartLegs will have you standing in no time.

Each set of SmartLegs is Bluetooth-enabled and comes with software that improves your desk usage through education, transition reminders, and usage reporting.

For about the same price as an above-desk unit, you can transform your existing desk into an easy-to-use electric workstation that adjusts at the push of a button, providing you a proper ergonomic posture in both sitting and standing positions.

SmartLegs 1-ER

Perfect for small home office/student desks

Only for surfaces 24"x48" and smaller.

SmartLegs 2

SmartLegs 2 for standard office desks

2 segment column with 26.5" - 49.5" height range.

SmartLegs 2-ER

Extended range for taller users

3 segment column with 21"-50" height range.

SmartLegs 3

LifeDesk SmartLegs for L-shaped desks

2 segment column with 26.5" - 49.5" height range.

SmartLegs 3-ER

Extended ranger for taller users

3 segment column with 21" - 50" height range.

LifeDesk Control Panel

Smooth control at your finger tips

Desks powered by SmartLegs are easily raised and lowered at the push of a button. And you can save settings for up to four users so you never have to remember your optimal or preferred heights.

  • 4 programmable settings
  • Optional 1-touch and move functionality
  • Anti-collision with auto-reverse

Control your SmartLegs with the LifeDesk App.

Each LifeDesk also comes standard with a Bluetooth sensor and the SmartLegs companion app to help educate and facilitate proper usage to maximize the health benefits for you and your employees. Usage metrics can help organizations make deployment decisions and identify a tangible Return on Investment.

Learn more about the SmartLegs App

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