SmartLegs 2

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Our SmartLegs 2 fit 80% of the population, designed to accommodate employees from 5’7″ to 6’3″.

By adding an optional height extender bracket, SmartLegs 2 can fit someone as tall as 6’8″.

The SmartLegs 2 is the perfect solution for home and work offices. Designed to fit a variety of worksurfaces ranging in size from 24″ to 108″, the legs can be used in a number of configurations to work with irregularly shaped surfaces. With optional proprietary Short Brackets, SmartLegs 2 can fit under a 24″ wide desk. With an optional Extender Bar, SmartLegs 2 can support up to a 108″ desk.

The specially designed heavy-weight feet act as stabilizers to minimize workstation wobble when the legs are extended in the standing position.

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Height Range Extends from 27″ to 47″ to accommodate workers from 5’7″ to 6’3″

Weight Capacity 350 pounds

Travel Speed 1.3″ per Second

Maximum Top Width Size 24″ (with Short Brackets) up to 108″; Supports Extended Corner designs up to 36″

Foot 23.5″ or 27.5″ weighted for maximum stability

Available in white, black, silver

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Easily install under any top

The SmartLegs by LifeDesk can be easily installed under any existing worksurface. Whether you have a piece of plywood, a butcher block, an IKEA top, an old door or an actual desk, the SmartLegs can be installed in approximately 30 minutes using a Phillips screwdriver, tape measure and supplied Allen wrench.

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