Make your workplace


Alleviate Return-to-Office Anxiety & Improve Health

Americans are fearful of returning to their workplace amid the Covid-19 pandemic, and they need to know employers are doing everything possible to make the work environment safe.

That means exceeding CDC recommendations for masks, screenings and cleaning to help employees feel safe.

LifeDesk can help reduce Covid-19 risks with hands-free desk control and anti-bacterial worksurfaces while improving health, focus and productivity through better ergonomics.

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SmartLegs Accessory

The SmartLegs is a blue-tooth enabled, height-adjustable electric base that can convert virtually any worksurface into a sit-stand desk for better productivity and improved health, safety and ergonomics.

Anti-bacterial Worksurfaces

The LifeDesk offers powder-coated MDF worksurfaces infused with an anti-bacterial treatment by SilverSan™. These coatings are specially formulated to inhibit the growth of microorganisms on surfaces.

Hands-free control

Hands-Free Control

Every SmartLegs includes the SmartLegs App which allows users to raise and lower their workstation from their personal device without touching the desk surface, furniture, or control pad to avoid the spread of germs.

Shared office space

Improved Ergonomics

The telescoping design raises or lowers to unique user settings delivering comfort and ergonomic excellence in sitting and standing positions while the app provides transition reminders for improved focus and lower health risks.

The sit-stand solution that educates, reminds & reports

Every SmartLegs unit is equipped with built-in technology that allows your height-adjustable desk to be paired with software that improves usage and delivers documented health benefits.



SmartLegs helps users learn how to set proper sitting and standing heights and when to transition between sitting and standing based on their personal profile.


SmartLegs reminds users when it is time to transition using desktop or mobile alerts based on their custom plan.


SmartLegs provides users with daily, weekly and monthly performance reports designed to encourage usage and improve health, wellness and productivity.