Give your desk a leg up with LifeDesk SmartLegs™

Make your existing desk a Sit-Stand desk

Have full use of your entire work surface

Works with virtually every type of desk

L-shaped, U-shaped, even executive and cubicle desks

Make Your Desk a Sit Stand LifeDesk with the only sit stand solution available that correctly fits 99.8% of workers.

Designed for workers 4’10” to 6’7″

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Custom Designed Legs Provide the Sturdiest Experience Available when Fully Extended

Tested in side-by-side comparison, user feedback has shown the sit-stand LifeDesk SmartLegs have less wobble than similar products when fully extended. They provide the most stable experience available due to their custom, telescoping segments and proprietary, heavy duty interlocking feet.

For an affordable investment, gain huge proven, measurable business benefits with LifeDesk SmartLegs that no other sit stand solution can provide

Every purchase of LifeDesk SmartLegs™ includes hardware and software to:

  • Improve employee engagement and job satisfaction
  • Increase endurance
  • Reduce fatigue, health risks and workstation injuries
  • Enhance productivity
  • Improve employee wellness

The LifeDesk SmartLegs™ software encourages workers to stand

Studies shows that only 7% people use their Sit-Stand desks after three months.

The LifeDesk SmartLeg™ software, substantially increases usage and over 85% of users polled stated they showed productivity increases.

  • Increased Productivity 88% 88%
  • Improved Morale 62% 62%
  • Increased Energy Levels 62% 62%
  • Less Stressed Out 12% 12%
  • More Active Overall 50% 50%
  • Lost Weight 13% 13%
  • More Engaged in My Work 50% 50%
  • Higher Job Satisfaction 38% 38%
  • Reduced Cholesterol 12% 12%
  • Overall Improvement 25% 25%
Results are based on survey responses from LifeDesk users conducted March 2018

Dramatically increase workplace wellness and productivity through employee engagement

Use the LifeDesk SmartLegs™ App to encourage workers to stand

  • Studies shows that only 7% people use their Sit-Stand desks after three months.
  • With the LifeDesk SmartLeg™ App, gamefication increases this to more than 80% according to case studies.
  • Improve worker productivity and morale

Free LifeDesk SmartLeg App included with every purchase of LifeDesk SmartLegs™

How LifeDesk SmartLegs Compare with Above Desk Units

re-printed with permission from David Bernardi, President of Summit Ergonomics

A multitude of “Desk on Desk ” units have entered the marketplace despite poor sitting and standing ergonomic design for 90-95% of the population. Units are advertised as a “cost-effective” means of providing a standing solution. Standing all day is not deemed a healthy alternative either. Frequent postural change is recommended.
Depending on the unit purchased, the reality is that you may also need to factor in additional costs such as a monitor arm and a keyboard tray to make it truly ergonomic. A $395 advertised price may quickly approach $800 as a result.

Additional costs such as desk reinforcement to prevent bowing, 2 laborers to lift unit into place / install / and perform IT function wire management may also be necessary and factored into the total implementation costs.

Beside poor positional ergonomics, limitations of “Desk on Desk” Solutions may also include:

  • Taking up entire desk footprint and usable space.
  • Forcing user further away from the desk space.
  • Inability to place reference documents on provided desktop
  • Compromising office esthetics
  • Injury risk due to lifting and lowering weighted desktops.

In contrast:

  • LifeDesk Legs lets you keep your work surface free of clutter
  • Sit and stand ergonomically, close to your desktop to reduce back, shoulder, neck, and eye strain
  • Your office will look the same. The LifeDesk legs are a subtle visual under the desk.
  • No risk of injury raising and lowering the desk. LifeDesk Legs are powered by simple push-button technology.

Which would you prefer?

Why LifeDesk SmartLegs are Better than Desktop Units or Height-Adjustable Desks

Test the benefits of sit-stand desks in your office with our Pilot Program.

Work Healthier. Live Better. With LifeDesk SmartLegs.