SmartLegs Benefits

SmartLegs works with virtually every type of desk to make your existing desk a sit-stand.

L-shaped, U-shaped, even executive and cubicle desks can be transformed into a LifeDesk using the SmartLegs accessory. Our one-, two-, three- and four-leg configurations can fit under desks ranging in size from small corner desks to large conference tables. Combine accessories and transform multi-surface workstations easily to suit your needs.

Add accessories like our dual monitor arms to free up precious desk space and have the full use of your entire work surface.


Stop Doing This

Above-desk solutions require users to strain to push down or pull up their workstation which can be made heavier with the addition of monitors or other accessories. These units also force users to sit or stand in postures that are not good for their backs, necks, wrists or shoulders, leaning forward or positioning their heads and hands in less-than-optimal positions.

LifeDesk SmartLegs are electric, allowing users to simply push a button to effortlessly raise and lower their work surface to their own unique pre-set heights. Unlike with above desk units, they will never need to strain to push down or pull up their work surface. And the cost of electricity to power a LifeDesk is less than $5 per year, a fraction of the cost of absenteeism due to workplace injuries.


Custom Designed Legs Provide the Sturdiest Experience Available when Fully Extended

Tested in side-by-side comparisons, user feedback has shown the sit-stand LifeDesk SmartLegs have less wobble than similar products when fully extended. They provide the most stable experience available due to their custom, telescoping segments and proprietary, heavy duty interlocking feet.

The only sit stand solution available that correctly fits 99.8% of workers.

Designed for workers 4’10” to 6’7″

Sitting for extended lengths of time can be detrimental to your health. In fact, it can be so bad that some have claimed that “sitting is the new smoking.” But standing for extended lengths of time can be equally detrimental, leading to vein and blood flow issues and long-lasting muscle fatigue and back pain. This has led to an increase in sit-stand workstation usage. But not all workstations are created equal or lead to proper posture or transitioning. A workstation powered by SmartLegs and combined with monitor arms and keyboard trays allows users to adjust the placement of all elements and ensure proper placement when alternating between sitting and standing.

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