The Student Desk That Grows With You

As your child embarks on life’s journey, confronting new challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, give them the gift of a lifetime that will lead them down the path to success.

Whisper Quiet Motor

Quick & quiet, with built-in anti-collision sensitivity.

Universal Fit

Superior height range that is 33% better than other models.

Wellness Software

Included free with every LifeDesk. Reminds you to transition between sitting & standing.

Ergonomic Excellence

Selected as the preferred work-from-home solution by a Silicon Valley tech giant.

Space-Efficient Design

Designed to save space by easily fitting in any corner of your home.

Anti-Tip Base

Upgraded for superior stability at all heights, even on casters.

High-Quality Desktops

Contemporary fan shape, sleek materials and ergonomic design for optimal comfort.

Superior Health & Safety

Designed to reduce backaches and increase physical & mental energy.

Choose from two worksurfaces to fit available space in your child’s room

42″ x 24″ Fan Shape – designed to fit in a corner or along a wall. A great option for laptop use or small footprint where space is at a premium. Black powder-coated paint over wood is resistent to stains and spills.

48″ x 30″ Ergo Top – Curved cutout and ergo edging make this top highly desirable. Designed to eliminate forearm compression on sharp corners. Black powder-coated paint over wood is resistent to stains and spills.

Maximize all the potential benefits associated with proper sit-stand desk usage.

StanData is a modular software system with components designed to educate, remind and report on desk usage, helping students get the most our of their homework desk.

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StanData guided sit-stand desk usage

Create Healthy Habits

Transition reminders will make proper utilization of your child’s sit-stand desk a habit.

Guided Ergonomics

StanData provides recommended desk heights and transition plans based on your child’s height and sit-stand experience.

Improve Productivity

Improved desk usage leads to increased focus on homework tasks by increasing movement and improving health.

Easy to Get Started

Easy to access in your browser or to set up on your iOS or Android device. No  need to sign up for basic features.

Wellness Analytics

StanData will show you how often your child transitions and percent standing and encourages your child to set and achieve sit-stand goals.

Desk Coaching

Over 90% of sit-stand desk users aren’t aware of how often they should transition from sitting to standing throughout the day and as little as 7% of users use their sit-stand desks after three months. Using software-based reminders such as StanData increase standing rates and desk usage.