Height-adjustable sit-stand desks are not just for the enterprise.

They’re for you too!

With LifeDesk SmartLegs, you can get the same health, wellness and productivity benefits of having a height-adjustable sit-stand desk at your home office as enterprises worldwide.

Entrepreneurs, remote employees, self-employed workers and students can sit and stand while using their LifeDesk and with the unparalleled ability of bringing the work surface height down to 22″, even the youngest members of the family can benefit by using the desk!

If you have a small home office, you can particularly benefit from our single leg unit which are stable and flexible enough to fit in a corner or support a 24″ x 48″ work surface.

Installation is fast and easy with our self-help assembly video.

Need help with assembly or more information on our single leg home office / work at home unit? No problem!  Contact us to find out more!

If you share a desk, no worries. You can still save all your settings!

The LifeDesk SmartLeg software comes equipped with shared desk height settings directly onto your mobile device. Whether you share a desk in a multi shift environment or have shared workspace configuration, you have the capability of saving your pre-set heights onto your device that will register with the LifeDesk you are paired with – even if it’s the first time you use it.

With the extended height range of the LifeDesk SmartLegs, it is the ideal solution in a shared workspace environment.

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Work Healthier. Live Better. With LifeDesk SmartLegs.